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If you are a regular reader you may have gathered that I spend a lot of time running about either dropping kids where they need to be, collecting them or entertaining two preschoolers.  The result of all this is at the end of the day my brain is fried.  I just want to sit quietly (on my own) and watch TV.  The thing is though I don’t have the brain space or the concentration left to watch complex dramas; however good they may be. I think some of you might feel the same?  Surely isn’t just me who needs tired mummy friendly TV.

Changing Priorities

Before having the kids, I was often out in the evenings and so the TV wasn’t a big thing and  honestly, I didn’t really care what the picture quality was like.  I cared more about having great shoes or a new outfit for the weekend’s social whirlwind. Now my priorities have changed.  It isn’t that I don’t go out, but it isn’t as often and so having a good TV has become more important and as these eyes get older I can see what the husband has been wittering on about with picture quality.  Don’t tell him, but I do accept that not all televisions are created equally!  Some of the TVs these days make you feel like you are actually in the show.  On the Panasonic GX800B TV the designers have actually worked with the Hollywood studios to perfect the colours that you see.  Wow!   

I must admit the most important thing to me is that I can get Netflix as there are some great choices there for tired mummy friendly TV, but if it feels like Zac Efron is in my living room I won’t be complaining 😉  In my opinion the best apps for smart tv(especially when looking for tired mummy friendly TV) are Prime and Netflix as there is just so much choice and options so you can’t go wrong.  They are also good for the children as they have dedicated sections for kids and have so much family friendly choice.

tired mummy tv 

What is Tired Mummy Friendly TV?

I am describing this as shows or movies that are not too challenging.  This isn’t to say that us Mummies are not bright enough for complex plot lines.  I believe it is quite the contrary in most of the women I know. But after we have been working or caring for kids all day and have finished all the stuff that needs to happen to keep the family moving I think many of us need a bit of blah time…  I mean time when we don’t have to talk and we don’t have to think too much so tired mummy friendly TV is happy, easy and does not require rocket science level concentration.

My recommendations

The five shows that I have been watching, and loving on Netflix, recently are:


  1. Grace and Frankie – (I want to be Jane Fonda when I grow up). This show is really very funny and I love the characters and that they are older women rather than 20 somethings
  2. After Life – it is kind of happy sad. If you don’t like Ricky Gervais then still give this one a go as I do think it is quite brilliant really
  3. Friends from College – I was genuinely quite sad when I finished all of the series as this was a great show which followed the relationships (mostly very dysfunctional) or a group of adults who had all been friends at college. The acting is fab and the plot keeps you wanting to know what happen next, but it is light-hearted enough to not tax my tired brain too much
  4. Instant Hotel – this is an Australian reality show where people try out one another’s B and Bs essentially. I realise as I type this that it doesn’t sound too thrilling, but there is the usual sniping and crazy peeps involved.  I really enjoyed it, but I do also like a nose around other people’s houses….
  5. My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – She really is entirely bonkers, but I love this show as it combines slightly loopy plot lines with musical numbers. I adore a musical, but these have a twist as they are very clever and often very funny.  This is not your traditional musical that is for sure.  One of the songs the other day was UTIs for example.  Love it!



Do you have any tired mummy friendly TV ideas that you want to share?  If you are a tired daddy I would love to hear from you too!!  Suggestions are needed as I am almost finished with all of those above and then what??!!

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