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Ways to help fussy eaters get more vitamins

Two of my children are quite fussy eaters with one of them actually getting a bit ridiculous with the list of foods he won’t eat.  I really don’t like to make the eating vegetables thing a battleground, but sometimes I do worry that he doesn’t get all the vitamins that he needs.  I would of course prefer that he got all his vitamins from his food, but that is just not reality right now.  So I have been looking for ways to help children get more vitamins.  This is what I have found…

Vitamin Tablets/ Gummies

You can get children’s vitamins in the form of supplements that are liquid, tablet and gummy (‘sweet like’), but my fussy eater won’t even consider eating these.  The others are begging me to have more of these than they are allowed so I would definitely recommend giving them a whirl.

Get More Vitamin Drinks

We were recently gifted some of these drinks to try and they were a hit!  Each bottle of sugar free drink provides a blend of B vitamins to support energy levels and the immune system, plus vitamin D and calcium for growing bones.  They taste best cold so we drank them straight out of the fridge.  All of the kids loved them and we only tried the Orange and Mango flavour so we still have the Apple and Blackcurrant and Raspberry and Blueberry to taste. 

Get more vitamins

We found these drinks really refreshing on a hot summer’s day.  Actually I ended up stealing one for myself…  Much to the kid’s disgust!  We will definitely be trying the other flavours and using these drinks as a way to help my fussy eaters to get more vitamins.

Vitamin Fortified Cereals

Fortunately my fussy eater likes a plain cereal.  He has such a sweet tooth, but at breakfast time he is very willing to eat a sensible cereal.  This has allowed me to introduce some fortified cereals like Shreddies which my fussy eater just loves!  A fortified cereal has vitamins added to it to increase the nutritional value and for us it is a great way to get fussy eaters to get more vitamins.  Shreddies for example contain Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Pathothenic Acid and Iron.  

Fruit Juice

Every morning I get my fussy eater to have a glass of fruit juice.  I feel like this is a trade off as I know there is lots of sugar (albeit natural sugars) in fruit juice, but at least it is one of his 5 a day.  Recently my fussy eater has stopped eating lots of fruit as well so I am happy if he has something positive first thing.

Hidden Vegetable Tomato Sauce

This is my absolute go to as I can hide so many vegetables and so so many vitamins inside it.  If your fussy eater won’t eat cereal you can even hide flaxseed in here and so get some fibre packed in. 

Ways to get vitamins into that fussy eater

Depending on what vegetables you include you can smuggle in Potassium, Vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin C and more.  I use this for almost everything including pizza sauce, pasta bolognese and chilli to name but a few.  Check out some ideas here

16 thoughts on “Ways to help fussy eaters get more vitamins”

  1. Great tips and fussy eating is a challenge for sure. I have just sent my son overseas to my brother and for the first time ever he is not being fussy which is a bit annoying but at least he is eating well. He is 18 by the way #DreamTeam

    1. Ha ha! I am hoping that my son won’t take till 18 to break the fussiness, but I am not convinced… He is quite determined. Thanks for joining us on the #DreamTeam

  2. twicemicrowavedtea

    Hidden veg tomato sauce is the best! My 4 year old has always been good at eating her vegetables but this is changing as she gets older. There was a time when I even had to encourage her to eat her fish fingers because all she wanted was more and more sweetcorn! It’s the other way round now, unfortunately….. #dreamteam

    1. My son won’t touch a fish finger or indeed anything in breadcrumbs or that might be simple for me to make lol! #DreamTeam

  3. I’ve been giving my almost 10 year old daughter Peadiasure – which comes in a powder form and we make shakes with it. She is a picky eater and we had to supplement in order for her to get all the vitamins and nutrients #dreamteam

    1. That’s interesting. If my son doesn’t start to progress with his eating then we may have to do something similar. Thanks for being with us on the #DreamTeam

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