An ode to the Morning Routine for Kids

For World Poetry Day I am offering this little ditty.  It is the tale of one woman’s struggle (mine!) with the morning routine for kids.  Try as I might and I try a thousand different things; we are more often than not, running late in the mornings. 

A funny look at the morning routine

The morning routine is a killer for me.  People often say ‘ I don’t know how you get four kids up and out in the morning’;  the truth is neither do I!


There once was a mummy stuck on repeat

Get dressed, clean your teeth, sit down on your seat

She said it each morning again and again; louder and louder and crosser she got

But still the kids played and frankly cared not a jot


So Mummy grew cross and stress levels rose

She even shouted and the children just froze

But, then she felt sad and a thought crossed her mind…

What if there was extra time they could find?


So the very next day she set her alarm

The earlier start worked like a charm

The kids had a play and then they got dressed

The kids were all smiling and Mummy felt blessed


Each one was ready by half past eight

Mummy felt smug; they couldn’t possibly be late

But, wait!  Where was twin two?

Oh God! She’d gone for a poo!!!


A funny look at the morning routine for kids

True Story!!  The moral of this little tale is with kids you just can’t plan ahead sometimes or even any of the time.  I will keep plugging away at that morning routine for school, but I am also determined to relax about it.  We always get there even if we are chasing the lines in….


24 thoughts on “An ode to the Morning Routine for Kids”

  1. Shoot, I have trouble getting 1 ready in the morning. He usually wakes me up before my alarm to potty after that it’s like pulling teeth. Except this morning. He wanted to help pack his lunch.

    1. My kids are also up at the crack of dawn but they stay quiet so they don’t wake me that way they can get away with heading into the playroom and turning on the tv

  2. Can remember these times so well even though so many years down the line from them. Society should be restructured to support mums more in my view. Would it hurt for there to be a rolling start to the school day or say a hour or so? It sometimes feels like the whole thing is set up to make mums feel like abject failures. But you made me smile on a challenging evening so thanks #Blogtober19

  3. I once watched a programme where the mum had put all the clocks in the house forward, so they were never late for school. Of course that only works if they’re old enough to tell the time and if they actually care what the time is…in hindsight, I’m not sure I’ve helped. Anyway, great wee poem and good luck getting out of the house in the morning 😉 xx


  4. Visiting again from #DreamTeam – funnily enough regarding the rolling start comment. When I was at Cambridge University and we did our exams, they had rolling starts but nobody told me so I sat there for hours smugly as people picked up their pens without being told to do so certain they would be disqualified and I would win the day. Did not make that mistake twice!

  5. I can so relate, our routines have changed over the years but it’s so much better now the kids take care of themselves, although we still have them moments when they realise their homework hasn’t been completed at 8am or they can’t find their joggers for p.e. that day. I love the poem.
    #blogtober19 #dreamteam

  6. I totally agree, no matter what you do or how hard you try it will always be a struggle to get out on time! I give myself such a hard time about this that I have decided to just relax too because I hate when I start to get cross and shout at them. It is not a nice way to start the day. I don’t believe I will ever find a winning formula because being a parent just doesn’t work that way! #dreamteam

    1. ha ha! It just got harder since the girls started school as now I have to get everyone dressed and fed. Before they were at school I would quite often brush the girls hair or clean their teeth after we got back from the school run. When they were babies I just used to put them in the buggy in their sleepsuits and get them dressed afterwards. Those are some tips for slovenly parenting from me to you 😉 #DreamTeam

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