Potty Training Twins – Day Three

Today was a tale of two halves in our navigation of potty training twins.  One of the girls had a real breakthrough I think.  She still had a couple of accidents, but these were largely whilst she was running to the potty so she is just leaving it a bit late.  She does seem to have got the message from her body though.  I was also not driving the process today.  She was taking herself to the potty and I was way less like a stuck record.  Which is good news as I was starting to irritate myself saying ‘ do you need a wee’ every 5 minutes.  I might even risk putting leggings on her tomorrow – depends how ambitious I am feeling in the morning.

Potty Irritation

Her sister on the other hand didn’t even try today.  She was totally irritated by the potty and me!  Any requests for her to sit on it were met with a firm ‘no’.  I don’t want this to become a painful experience for any of us. So whilst I continued to encourage her I did not force the issue.  I have been there once before and it was not good (potty training my 1st born was a disaster click here to read about it all going wrong).  Honestly, I am not sure she is ready.  I did have my doubts about that before we started, but she seemed excited so I didn’t want to not allow her to try.  She is less verbal than her sister (most people are!) so it could just be a step too far for her right now.  I am going to give it till the end of the week and see where we are at.  If she gets upset we will stop.  I don’t want to assume just because she is a twin that she will be ready at the same time.  Watch this space…

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