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Stuff you need when travelling with kids

Last week I wrote about family packing and shared some of the slightly more unusual things (CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS) that I bring when we are going on holiday including the Nespresso – I know bonkers! Anyway I do also, believe it or not, bring some sensible stuff that over the years has helped me when travelling with kids. Here are some key things apart from the obvious clothes and toiletries you actually need to bring when travelling with kids:

  • Snacks for the journey; I like to include a few treats, but I try to avoid too much sugar as no one wants four kids high on sugar in a confined space
  • A day bag – this might be my top travel tip. Have a bag that is separate from everything else which contains swimming costumes, sunglasses, suncream and towels (extra tip get microfiber towels as they are tiny when folded).  If you do that holiday starts as soon as you arrive and you aren’t routing around looking for all the things you need
  • A surprise bag – this is for meltdown or just plain boredom emergencies and contains things they have never seen before. Think Wilkinsons or Pound shop so it doesn’t have to cost a lot, but has to be sight unseen
  • A pad and some pens. We have taken a collection of toys over the years when going on holiday, but it is always paper and pens that win the day as there is so much versatility; drawing, writing, making their own book, noughts and crosses, hangman the list goes on…

stuff you need travelling with kids

I could go on, but I thought that gathering opinions of some other lovely bloggers would probably be more helpful and I got some great tips from these guys that I hadn’t thought of:

Helen at Welsh Mum Writing and Becky at Mommy and Rory both suggest calling the airport pharmacy in advance if you formula feed and reserving the one you have for collection to save time and make sure they have what you need

Lianne at ankle biters adventures suggests bringing muslins; handy for everything can be used as blankets , can make in to a sun hat if you forget yours , good to wet to cool them down , good to catch sick in ! Loads of uses…

Anna at Life and Adventures with twins also recommends taking muslins, but for taking the sand off everyone’s feet.  She says this is the best and quickest way –  I am going to be trying that out for sure

Lyndsey Kim O’Halloran from me him the dog and a baby told me that she put together a special pack for her daughter on their first trip abroad.  She says ‘It really helped to keep her occupied on the flight and she also liked having new clothes to travel in’

Kerry Norris Poo bags are essential when travelling with little ones. You don’t want their nappies stinking out your accommodation especially if you’re sharing a hotel room

Raimonda at Cosmo Mum suggests when flying with a baby or toddler have a change of clothes for yourself too, there’s lots of chance they’ll vomit or spit something on you! 

Hayley Muncey from Miss Many Pennies says don’t forget their favourite soft toy or comforter to make them feel more secure in a new place.  I’ve now made sure to have 2 of my daughter’s favourite little blankets, so if one gets misplaced while travelling, we can avoid the tears with a spare.

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  1. great list, we recently went on our first road trip with our 2 year old, 5 and half hours each way. i actually posted about it with some tips, and the first one was pack snacks too!

    1. I remember that post. I think I may have commented on it as I thought it had some great ideas. Thanks for your comment

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